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The Siberian Husky is a beautiful animal but they do not come with out issues. For years
Now these dogs have been bred for running and they will run if given the chance.
Siberians are to be never trusted off leash in open areas.  Siberians love to dig even if it
Is in the brand new flower garden you just planted. I find that if you have a large area just
For them to run and dig then you will be able to not have to worry about them digging in
Your flowers bed or the brand new lawn you just laid down. Siberians are not watch dogs they love every one. They can be very stubborn and are not easily taught to “obey”. They
Are highly intelligent animals though so do not take their stubbornness as a sign of
Unintelligence. Siberians are escape artists and a bored husky will figure out a way out if
You do not have them in an unsecured area.

Siberians do shed their coat some more than others usually shedding period can lest up
To 6 weeks and can happen 2 times or more a year. There are ways to speed up the
Shedding process. They do not need many baths during the year they can clean
Themselves up when they have gotten into something dirty or smelly.

This page is just being added and I am trying to get more and more information up for
You but I strongly encourage that you do your research on any breed you choose to go
With. Puppies grow into dogs and will develop the personality of the breed you need to
Make sure that you can deal with these things. A dog should be apart of your family for
Their whole life span which is 12-15 years.


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